Doctors and other health professionals are often our first point of contact with the healthcare system. Identifying the different professional roles in healthcare, learning the language of healthcare and finding new ways to approach consultations are some of the key features of these pages. You will find information for yourself as well as information to help you help someone else you are caring for.

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Seeing a doctor, specialist or health professional topics

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Where to start

Who is this information for?
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Should I get a second opinion?

Getting a second opinion from another healthcare professional can help you make the right decision about about a diagnosis or treatment.

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Do I need support when communicating with a health professional?

If you feel uncomfortable about asking questions or talking with your healthcare professionals, having someone there to support you during appointments can help you make difficult decisions and ensure healthcare professionals respect your rights.

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Do I need a regular doctor - GP?

From routine illnesses to more complex health problems, a GP can help with a huge range of health issues at all stages of your life. Learn more about the pros and cons of having a regular GP.

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