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  • Woman with asthma pump

    Thunderstorm asthma

    Thunderstorms have been linked to epidemics of asthma, especially during the grass flowering season. An asthma attack can be life threatening. Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing should call 000. People experiencing asthma like symptoms for the first time should visit their GP for advice and if appropriate develop an asthma management plan. More information and advice from the Chief Health Officer can be found on Asthma – emergency first aid page.

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  • 13812717_violence_675x386

    Family Violence

    Family violence directly affects one in five Victorian women over the course of their lifetime. Violence against women is never acceptable - find out how you can get help.

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  • Sand bags holding back flood waters at the front of a house

    Emergencies – floods

    The main flood types affecting Australia include flooding of rivers or drainage systems due to exceptionally heavy rains, and storm surges caused by tropical cyclones. When there is a flood alert in your area, there are things you can do to prepare.

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  • mosquito_bite-675x386

    Beat the bite!

    We love getting outdoors while the weather is warm. The problem is – so do the mosquitoes. They’re not just annoying; some mozzies can transmit serious diseases. There are simple things you can do to Beat the bite!

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  • ladyscan675x386

    Navigating the Health System

    Not sure where to start looking for info about your healthcare? Visit our new Services and Support section to find out more about how the healthcare system works and how it can help you.

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Safe summer

  • Safer-Summer-Safe-partying_80810555_675x386

    Partying safely - schoolies week

    Celebrating the end of school life during schoolies week can be lots of fun, but you need to be aware of the risks. Before you go, think about your values, talk to your friends and plan ways to look out for each other.

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  • Safer-Summer-beach_72676699_675x386

    Water safety for children

    Parents can reduce the risks by supervising their child around water at all times, teaching them to swim and taking precautions to reduce the risk of drowning around their home.

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  • Safer-Summer-bite_6431021_675x386

    Bites and stings – first aid

    Australia has many animal and insect species that bite or sting. In general, first aid includes bandaging the wound and keeping the person immobile until medical help arrives.

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  • How to check for melanoma

    How to check for skin cancer

    Two of three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 and more than 2,000 people in Australia die from skin cancer each year. Skin Cancer Action Week is a timely reminder to people to slip, slop, slap and slide and to check their skin for skin cancer.

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  • Partying safely and safe sex

    Partying safely and sex

    When you are drunk or using drugs you are more likely to do things you normally wouldn’t do when sober. When partying, stick with your friends and look out for each other.

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  • Travel health tips

    Travel health tips

    With a little effort and simple precautions, you can avoid illnesses and unforseen events that can ruin your holiday.

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  • healthy-ageing_78554081_675x386

    Healthy ageing tips

    Experts say the key to living well into our 80s and 90s is making a commitment to living healthily. Check out some simple ideas and embrace your senior years.

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  • HL-safe-partying_80810555_675x386

    Partying safely

    Partying is a chance to catch up with friends and meet new people and have fun but it is also a time to be careful when it comes to alcohol, drugs, sexual assault and other violence.

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  • HL-breathing_83830999_675x386

    Breathing problems and exercise

    Breathing can be much harder for someone with lung disease, however some specific breathing exercises and a little physical activity can help some people.

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