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    Free meningococcal vaccine for men who have sex with men

    The number of cases of meningococcal C disease among men who have sex with men has been increasing. While meningococcal is uncommon, it can become life-threatening very quickly. As a result, the Victorian Government has introduced a free vaccine program for men at risk, running from 11 December 2017 to 30 June 2018.

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    Ladder safety matters

    If you are considering cleaning your gutters in early summer, remember: ladders are dangerous. They are associated with more deaths and injuries than any other household product. When using a ladder, make safety matter.

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    Protect against mozzies

    After rain, still puddles of water and warm weather make the perfect conditions for mosquitoes. They’re not just annoying; some mozzies can transmit serious diseases. Use our checklist to stop mosquitoes breeding on your property.

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What's new

  • Cervical Screening Test

    New Cervical Screening Test

    From 1 December, the new Cervical Screening Test replaces the two-yearly pap test. New evidence and improved technology mean the test will improve early detection and save more lives.

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    Transvaginal mesh

    Transvaginal mesh is no longer to be used in Australia for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse, but may still be used to treat stress urinary incontinence. Learn more about this decision, things you should consider before surgery and alternative treatment options.

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    Learn about the health system in your language

    To help you locate information on how to access a range of healthcare services watch our videos in your language.

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  • Health checks

    Health checks for women

    Women should have a general check-up every year. Regular check-ups may help your doctor pick up early warning signs such as high blood pressure. Many diseases such as cardiovascular (heart) disease, diabetes and some cancers can be picked up in their early stages, when treatment is often more effective.

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    Kitchen gardens

    Nothing can compare to the taste of sun-warmed tomatoes picked straight from the plant, or tiny red strawberries bursting with flavour. A kitchen garden doesn’t have to be complicated or labour intensive. Nor does it require a lot of space.

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  • Vegetarian burrito

    A lovely quick and easy light lunch for the warmer weather

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Health events

  • Boy and girl jumping into lake water.

    Water safety

    It's Water Safety Week - before taking the plunge make sure you're not risking your health. Avoid swimming after heavy rainfall and beware of any water that looks murky or smells unpleasant.

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    Perinatal Depression & Anxiety Awareness

    It's Perinatal Depression & Anxiety (PNDA) Awareness Week. This weeks aims to raise awareness about about mental health during the perinatal period, eliminate stigma and encourage those affected to seek help.

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  • lungs

    Lung Health

    The lungs are part of our respiratory system. - they help us breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Lungs can be affected by infection or allergy or may puncture or collapse. During Lung Health Awareness Month - learn about the lungs and how you can minimise your risk of lung disease.

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