Victoria’s health system offers a vast range of services and support to Victorians across the state. Whether you are seeing a doctor, going to hospital for surgery or in need of emergency or crisis support, these pages outline the services that are available to you. They will also highlight the benefits of planning ahead and show you new ways to coordinate your healthcare.


Health system topics

Videos to help you navigate the health system

  1. Taking Care of Dying Time

    11th November 2016
  2. Finding services and support with Better Health Channel

    29th June 2016

    Healthcare tools, videos and articles designed to help you discover options for support, locate services meeting your needs, with tips for critical decisions at different stages of your health journey...

  3. About emergency, crisis and support services in Victoria

    29th June 2016

    Victoria’s emergency, crisis and support services respond to a broad range of serious situations, such as medical emergencies, family crisis or environmental disasters...

  4. About pregnancy and birth services in Victoria

    29th June 2016

    Victoria’s pregnancy, birth and maternal services, help from planning a pregnancy through to giving birth and caring for a newborn...

  5. About palliative care services in Victoria

    29th June 2016

    Palliative care services aim to improve the quality of life for people living with serious, ongoing or potentially terminal illnesses...

  6. About mental health services in Victoria

    29th June 2016

    Victorian mental health services provide expert advice and support for people of all ages...

  7. About disability services in Victoria

    29th June 2016

    Learn about options and services available to people with a disability living in Victoria...

  8. About carers, caring and respite care services

    29th June 2016

    There are support services to for both carers, and those being cared for...

  9. Guide to planning and coordinating healthcare

    29th June 2016

    Tips and information to help you manage your healthcare...

  10. Guide to seeing a doctor, specialist or health professional

    29th June 2016

    Victoria has a wide range of healthcare professionals to meet your health needs...

  11. About hospitals, surgery and procedures in Victoria

    29th June 2016

    Victoria has a diverse range of public and private hospitals in both metropolitan and regional centres...

  12. The Victorian health system

    29th June 2016

    Learn about the Victorian Healthcare System - treatment, care, education and disease prevention for everyone in Victoria...

  13. About child, family and relationship services

    29th June 2016

    Services include parent education to maternal and child healthcare, child care, crisis support, child protection, family violence and relationship services...