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Information to help you better navigate and access the information on the Better Health Channel.

The Better Health Channel uses a range of assistive technology and techniques to ensure all Australians, regardless of literacy levels and abilities, can get to the health information they need.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the Better Health Channel reaches W3C AA standard accessibility. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the international body that sets the standards for website accessibility.

Please use visit our Contact us page if you experience difficulty accessing any information on the Better Health Channel or have any suggestions for improving access to this site.

General web accessibility

There are many tools that people with a disability can use to access the Internet. These tools include:

  • Hardware – tools that manipulate the keyboard or mouse if the person with a disability is unable to use them. Some examples include refreshable Braille displays, joysticks and trackballs, and alternative keyboards.
  • Software – tools that change how a user interacts with the site. Some examples include screen readers, screen magnifiers, onscreen keyboards and programs that slow down applications for people with motor disabilities.

Vision Australia has a wide range of information about the many resources and tools that are available.

Browser shortcuts

Browser shortcuts can help you to navigate a website through a keyboard. Details of the various shortcuts specific to different Internet browsers are available from the manufacturers’ websites:

Display and readability

You can adjust your browser and your computer settings to make things easier to see on the screen or for your visual preferences. Some examples include adjusting the font size or colour of text displayed on the screen, changing the background or link colours, formatting the page differently or turning certain functions on or off.
More details are available from the Vision Australia website.

Listening to Us 

All our fact sheets, tips and recipes can be listened to instead of read through the activation of ReadSpeaker. 

ReadSpeaker is a text to speech service which allows people to listen to our web pages. It is especially useful for those who are vision impaired or have low literacy, or for users who prefer to listen to our content rather than read it.

To activate ReadSpeaker, click on the listen icon at the top right of the article

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Reviewed on: 15-10-2021