Your genes are the instructions for your body’s development and function. Sometimes changes occur in these instructions. This can cause genetic conditions.

Around half of all Australians will be affected by a condition that is at least partly genetic in origin. These conditions may be present at birth or appear later in life.

DNA strands

About genes and genetics

Your genes are inherited and contain information that our cells use to control growth, development and health. Genetic changes disrupt these messages and can cause health problems. These may be present at birth or may appear later in life.

Genetics - About
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Genetics – A-Z

Thousands of conditions have a genetic component meaning they are inherited or acquired. Find a range of factsheets on diseases and conditions with a genetic link.

Genetics - A-Z
Pregnancy and exercise

Genetic services – fertility and pregnancy

If you are planning on having a baby or are already pregnant, find out more about the range of genetic tests that may be suitable for you.

Genetic services
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Genetics – frequently asked questions

Finding out you have a genetic condition can raise all kinds of questions for you and your family. Get some key information from a genetic counsellor.

Genetic FAQs
genetic counselling

Genetic counselling

Genetic counsellors provide support, information and advice about genetic testing and genetic conditions.

Genetic counselling
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Getting tested

There are a range of genetic tests that can help you discover if you or a family member have a genetic condition.

Genetic testing

Genes and genetics

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A-Z of genetic conditions