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  1. Kava

    It is dangerous to take kava in combination with alcohol or other psychoactive drugs.

  2. Keeping backyard chickens – what you should know

    Keeping chickens as pets can be a rewarding experience, especially for children. However, chickens and other poultry can carry germs such as Salmonella, even when they appear healthy and clean.

  3. Kids and energy needs

    It’s important for kids to eat a wide variety of foods for a healthy, well-balanced diet and to be physically active. Creating healthy habits during childhood helps to ensure lifelong healthy decisions and actions, and build healthy habits into the future.

  4. Kinship care

    Kinship care is the care provided by relatives or a member of a child's social network when a child cannot live with their parents.

  5. Kiwewe na familia (Trauma and families - Swahili)

    Familia inapoathiriwa na shida, kila mtu katika familia ataitikia kwa njia tofauti.

  6. Kiwewe na watoto - watoto wachanga hadi wenye umri wa miaka miwili (Trauma and children 0 to 2 years - Swahili)

    Kiwewe kinaweza kuwa na athari mbaya kwa watoto wachanga na watoto wachanga.