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  1. Babies and safety

    Most injuries to babies do not occur by chance - many are predictable and largely preventable.

  2. Baby care - moving from cot to bed

    Some children are unsettled the first few nights in a 'big bed'. Try to be patient, loving and reassuring.

  3. Baby care - weaning

    Be guided by your baby and let them set the pace when weaning and introducing solid foods.

  4. Baby due date

    Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last period, not from the date of conception.

  5. Baby furniture - safety tips

    Even if your baby furniture meets every safety standard and recommendation, your child still needs close supervision.

  6. Balancing energy in and energy out

    A kilojoule is a unit of measure of energy, in the same way that kilometres measure distance.

  7. Basketball - health benefits

    Basketball is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

  8. Basketball - preventing injury

    Basketball is a fast game with frequent and aggressive body contacts - injuries can and do occur.

  9. Beaches and water quality

    Water quality of natural water sources, such as beaches and rivers, can vary greatly. Keeping a lookout for poor water quality (such as water that is discoloured, murky or smells unpleasant) will help you decide when it is safe to enter the water. By paying attention to a few noticeable signs, you can keep yourself safe.

  10. Behavioural disorders in children

    Untreated behavioural disorders in children may mean they grow up to be dysfunctional adults.