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  1. Walking - safety and environmental issues

    Choose a route that is appropriate for your age and fitness level. Warm up and cool down with a slow, gentle pace to ease in and out of your exercise session.

  2. Walking - the benefits for older people

    Walking is great exercise for older people. It has a range of health and social benefits, and most people can do it.

  3. Walking for good health

    Walking will improve your fitness and reduce your risk of heart disease.

  4. Walking tips

    Walking is an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages and abilities.

  5. Water from natural resources

    Drinking untreated water, such as creek water, bore water and sometimes even rainwater can lead to illnesses including gastroenteritis.

  6. Water polo - preventing injury

    Water polo is a demanding game as players have to tread water or swim for the whole match.

  7. Water quality in tanks, bores and dams

    Make sure your private drinking water supply is safe.

  8. Water safety for children

    Toddlers are most at risk of drowning because they are mobile and curious but don't understand the danger of water.

  9. Water – a vital nutrient

    Water is essential for the human body to function.

  10. Weight and muscle gain

    Gaining lean body weight is a slow process that takes months and years, rather than days and weeks.