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Download a full copy (pdf) of A Healthy Start to School booklet.

Healthy children learn better

Congratulations! You and your child have begun an exciting new adventure.

As with any big change, starting primary school brings a new set of routines, challenges and rewards.

Making this transition a happy, healthy one can have some real benefits down the track. A positive start to school can establish a child’s readiness to learn and confidence about other big transitions in life.

And, importantly, healthy children learn better.

This is also the start of an important partnership between you and your child’s school in supporting your child’s physical, social and emotional health, now and throughout their school years.

The purpose of this booklet is to:

  • provide parents and carers of foundation kids with some timely health information
  • give you an overview of the role of the school when it comes to your child’s health
  • point you towards more detailed information or contacts for areas of special interest to you and your family.

We encourage you to make use of the contents page and index to find the information that’s important to you, and keep this booklet handy for future reference – you never know what’s around the corner in your school adventure!

We wish you a healthy, happy school year.


The Healthy Start to School booklet is also available for download in Arabic (pdf), Dari (pdf), Simplified-Chinese (pdf), Turkish (pdf), Urdu (pdf), and Vietnamese (pdf)

We need your help

We want to improve this booklet and we would like to hear your stories and tips for the new foundation parents and carers of the future. Please take a minute to provide feedback.

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Maternal and child health

Parenting basics

Family structures

Communication, identity and behaviour

Raising healthy children

Common childhood health concerns


Keeping yourself healthy

Child safety and accident prevention

Grief and trauma

Support for parents