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  1. Managing my diabetes (video)

    This video from Diabetes Australia – Victoria explores managing your diabetes

  2. Medication: know what you’re taking in hospital (video)

    Keeping track of all the medications you are taking is important. Hear advice on how to manage medications while you are in hospital.

  3. Melissa's story (video)

    Melissa shares her story of how her baby caught chickenpox at 5 weeks old.

  4. Men's health checks (video)

    Many men put off going to the doctor, including nutritionist, Shane Bilsborough.

  5. Miscarriage and Stillbirth - Coming to terms (video)

    Creating memories of the baby in the early days is a very significant, and often savoured, process for someone who has lost a baby.

  6. My feet and diabetes (video)

    When you have diabetes you need to take care of your feet every day. This video from Diabetes Australia – Victoria explores footcare and diabetes.