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  1. Finding services and support with Better Health Channel (video)

    Healthcare tools, videos and articles designed to help you discover options for support, locate services meeting your needs, with tips for critical decisions at different stages of your health journey

  2. Fitness in winter (video)

    Fitness expert Andrew Schneider provides his top three tips for staying active in Winter.

  3. Food safety for summer celebrations (video)

    In the hot weather there is a higher risk of food poisoning but if you follow some simple rules when you prepare, handle and store food it will significantly reduce your risk of getting sick.

  4. Food shopping - a family's healthy market shop (video)

    Market shopping is a great way to find fresh seasonal food. From fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry, cheese and bread there is a huge range of great produce.

  5. Food shopping - fresh produce choices at local markets (video)

    Reporter Flip Shelton takes us on a tour and shows us what fresh produce is available at a local market.

  6. Fungi poisoning

    Dr Brett Sutton, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer and Dr Teresa Lebel, Senior Mycologist detail how Victorian’s need to be aware of death cap mushrooms and other poisonous mushrooms now because we are essentially in the season of those mushrooms. With autumn, and cooler weather and some rain, we’ve seen them begin to sprout around Melbourne and they’re potentially deadly.