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A lactation consultant is a health professional who specialises in helping women to breastfeed their babies.

Some health professionals such as midwives, neonatal nurses, paediatric nurses and maternal and child health nurses may also train to provide lactation consultant services.

Services provided


Appointments may be made directly without a doctor's referral.

Your doctor or other health professional may also refer you to a breastfeeding clinic.

How to access

To find a lactation consultant:


Lactation consultant fees are not covered by Medicare unless your lactation consultant is also an eligible registered midwife with a Medicare provider number.

Lactation consultant fees are covered by some private health funds, but the amount will depend on your insurance policy. Contact your insurer for more information.



Conventional healthcare




Lactation consultants are not required to be registered with a government medical authority.

Minimum qualifications

Not all lactation consultants have qualifications. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) has completed the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBCLE) certification exam, and has met minimum requirements set by the IBCLE in the areas of health science education, human lactation and breastfeeding education, and clinical experience in caring for breastfeeding women. You can check the IBLCE website to confirm if a lactation consultant has IBCLC certification.

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