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Right care, in the right place, at the right time

Broken bone, ankle sprain, cut or burn that needs treatment?

Do you need medical treatment today and can’t get an appointment with your GP?

If you need treatment or care today but it’s not life-threatening, and you can’t get a GP appointment, help is available.

There are a range of healthcare services where and when you need them, that are:

  • free or low cost
  • walk-in without an appointment, or online
  • open 7 days for extended hours
  • open to everyone, with no GP referral or Medicare card needed
  • staffed with doctors and nurses, and often connected to hospitals.

Going to the right place helps you get the right care, without the wait time and stress.

If you need medical care today that is not life-threatening and you can’t get a GP appointment, use this Health Direct Service FinderExternal Link to find healthcare services in your area, open 7 days a week, walk-in or online, which are easy to access and don’t need a referral or an appointment. Choose your service type and location from the options available, which include GP, pharmacy, and urgent care facilities.

Care for injuries and illnesses

Healthcare services can provide prompt treatment for a range of non-life-threatening situations such as:

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Reviewed on: 03-11-2023