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  1. Women’s Information and Referral Exchange (WIRE)

    The Women’s Information and Referral Exchange (WIRE) offers women information, advice, support and referrals on a range of issues.

  2. WorkSafe Victoria – emergency response line

    WorkSafe Victoria has a 24-hour emergency response line that you can call to report serious accidents or incidents in the workplace.

  3. Young Carers

    Young Carers provides support, counselling and advice for children and young people who care for a family member with an illness, a disability, a mental health issue or an alcohol or other drug problem.

  4. Youth Drugs and Alcohol Advice (YoDAA)

    YoDAA is a youth drug and alcohol advice service.

  5. youthbeyondblue

    youthbeyondblue aims to help young people to understand and look after their mental health and the mental health of the people they interact with, and to respond to anxiety and depression.