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  • Health-survey1

    Health emergencies

    Can you help to improve how Victorians are warned about health emergencies? Your responses to this survey will help the department provide better information in better ways when health issues arise that may affect you or the community.

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  • Man on beach with beer belly


    Obesity increases the risk of many diseases. Fat is deposited on our bodies when the energy we consume from food and drink is greater than the energy used in activities and at rest. Small imbalances over long periods of time can cause you to become overweight or obese.

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    Gas heating - health and safety issues

    Regular servicing of your gas heating could save you and your families lives and also save you money. As we move into winter, make sure that your gas heaters have been professional serviced in the past two years.

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  • Graphic style images of a brain and head

    Head injuries and concussion

    Concussion and head injuries can occur when playing certain contact sports such as football or rugby. Always seek medical attention for a head injury, no matter how minor it seems.

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  • hamburger with sign about the amount of kilojoules it contains

    Kilojoules on the menu

    Large fast food and supermarket chains must display the kilojoule content on their ready-to-eat food and drinks from 1 May. Kilojoule labelling will make it easier for you to make healthier food choices.

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    Granulomatosis with polyangiitis

    Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (formerly known as Wegener granulamatosis) is a rare type of inflammation that targets the arteries, veins and capillaries of the kidneys and the respiratory system, including the lungs, trachea, nose and sinuses.

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  • Women's health

    Vaginal cancer

    Vaginal cancer is one of the rarest gynaecological cancers, accounting for around two per cent of cases. Women aged over 50 years are most commonly affected.

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  • graphic of medical person giving vaccination shot

    Meningococcal disease

    Meningococcal disease is uncommon but serious. Vaccines are available to protect against some strains.

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  • cup of coffee with muffin

    Coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity

    In a person with coeliac disease, the lining of the small intestine is damaged by gluten, which is a protein in wheat, rye, barley, triticale (a hybrid of rye and wheat) and oats. It also causes inflammation in other parts of the body.

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  • !0 tips to make exercising fun

    Physical activity for women

    This Girl Can is about empowering women to enjoy being active without worrying about judgement, gender stereotypes or skill level. Join the activity now.

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  • Adults canoeing on waterways

    Depression and exercise

    Research suggests that regular exercise may be effective in preventing depression and also in treating mild depression.

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  • Tennis players

    Teenagers and sleep

    Sleep research suggests that a teenager needs between eight and 10 hours of sleep every night. Yet most adolescents only get about 6.5 – 7.5 hours sleep per night, and some get less.

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  • Vic Health System video screen grab

    The Victorian Health System

    The Victorian health system offers a range of services and support across the state, from mental health services, alcohol and drug services, pregnancy, birth and maternal services to aged care services and more.

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  • Empty wine glasses

    Alcohol and drug treatments and programs

    There is a range of alcohol and drug-related services available in Victoria, many of which are free. Speak to your GP for treatment or to direct you into a program that is right for you.

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  • Medical team with ambulance officer separated into emergency and all other team members in everything else category

    Save Lives Save 000 for emergencies

    When an ambulance is called to a non-emergency, it puts the lives of people in a life threatening emergency at risk.

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Events and activities

  • continence-week_675x386

    Incontinence and continence problems

    This week is> World Continence Week.Events, talks, activities, displays and performances are happening across the country.

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  • bowel-cancer-month-2017-675x386

    Bowel Cancer

    Bowel cancer awareness month highlights the fact that lives can be saved with early detection. Bowel or colorectal cancer mostly affects people 50 years of age and over, but it can happen in younger people too.

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  • diabetesmyth675x386


    This week Diabetes Victoria are busting five top diabetes myths. Join them and help clear the public confusion about what is and isn’t true about diabetes!

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