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  • Young woman wearing head scarf in bed

    Cancer explained

    Cancer is abnormal cell growth. There are about 200 different types of cancer and most areas of the body can be affected.

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  • thunderstorm asthma

    Thunderstorm asthma

    Melbourne experienced the world’s largest epidemic thunderstorm asthma event on 21 November 2016, with thousands of people developing breathing difficulties in a very short period of time. If you have asthma or hay fever, find out how you can prepare for the grass pollen season and help protect yourself from the risk of thunderstorm asthma.

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  • Tractor harvesting crop

    Rural issues coping with stress

    People who live and work in rural and remote communities have to deal with hardships such as unpredictable climate and market conditions, financial strain, social isolation, long working hours and reduced access to services.

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  • graphic of medical person giving vaccination shot

    Meningococcal disease

    Meningococcal disease is uncommon but serious. Vaccines are available to protect against some strains.

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    Many people with epilepsy worry how epilepsy will affect day-to-day life. Just as epilepsy is different from one person to the next, managing and coping with the condition is different for everyone.

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  • Lady blowing her nose, Better Healthcast logo of apple with headphones in the bottom left hand corner of the image.

    The Better Healthcast on influenza

    We spoke to Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Brett Sutton and Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Influenza Research, Prof. Kanta Subbarao, about the flu and yearly vaccines...

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    One of the most common causes of pain in the scrotum is epididymitis which may be due to an infection. Epididymo-orchitis is the spread of the infection to the testicle.

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  • Man holding his extended arm

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic condition that results from a malfunctioning immune system.

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  • junk food and sperm graphic

    Male fertility and conception

    Does that first Friday night beer bring sperm health to your mind? I bet it doesn’t. Although now it might. You’re welcome.

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  • body mass index calculator for adults graphic

    BMI body mass index calculator

    Body Mass Index is used to estimate your total amount of fat. It is only an approximate measure of the best weight for your health. This calculator is designed for men and women over the age of 18.

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  • Pedestrians blurred and woman reading mobile phone

    Sexual and reproductive health

    Good sexual and reproductive health is important for women’s general health and wellbeing. It is central to their ability to make choices and decisions about their lives, including when, or whether, to consider having children.

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  • Cracked, dry land from drought

    Disaster relief for national and state emergencies

    Emergency management arrangements involve the plans, structures and resources that bring together the activities of government, communities and organisations in a comprehensive and coordinated way to ensure an integrated response.

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  • girl with head in her hands at desk

    Family violence explained

    Family violence (also called domestic violence) is the use of violence, threats, force or intimidation to control or manipulate a family member, partner or former partner.

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  • ambulance helicopter and man in rehab pool

    Rehabilitation after major trauma

    Rehabilitation services can provide help and care to assist with your physical state after severe trauma. Rehabilitation can begin as soon as you are stable while you are in hospital, the types of rehabilitation will depend on your individual needs.

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