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Get well soon

Older people can be at risk of developing extra health problems in hospital. This can mean you don’t get better as quickly, or even get back to how you were before.

The best way to try to avoid this is by:

  • keeping as much of your normal routine as you can while in hospital
  • getting out of bed and moving around whenever possible
  • eating and drinking as much as usual.

Find out more about how you can use simple evidence-based strategies in hospital to help you get well soon.

Older people in hospital - Keep up your strength

It’s important for older people to eat and drink regularly while in hospital. These simple tips will help you recover more quickly.

Older people in hospital - Keep moving, keep active

It's important to keep moving and be active while staying in hospital. There are simple activities you can do to help you get well soon.

Older people in hospital - Manage your medication

Find out why it’s important to keep track of all the medications you are taking. Hear advice on how to manage medications while you are in hospital.

Older people in hospital - Communication

When you are in hospital, it is important you ask questions when you don't understand what you are being told or when you need to know more information.

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Reviewed on: 03-03-2022