Detail on bathing and skin care from Royal Women's Hospital
00:06 - you can moisturize your baby's skin
00:09 - after each bath use a thicker cream or
00:12 - ointment rather than a thin lotion or
00:14 - oil choose one that is unperformed and
00:18 - ph-neutral and apply top to toe once a
00:22 - day this is especially helpful if you
00:24 - have a family history of eczema asthma
00:27 - or hay fever if your baby's skin looks
00:30 - flaky you can moisturize the skin twice
00:32 - a day
00:33 - don't use talcum or baby powder on or
00:37 - near your baby it has very fine
00:40 - particles which your baby can breathe in
00:43 - new babies don't control their own
00:45 - temperature very well so choose clothing
00:48 - that's just right for the environment be
00:51 - careful not to over dress them if the
00:53 - house is warm or on a hot day hats and
00:57 - mitts are only needed outside in winter
00:59 - you can get more information on how to
01:02 - care for your baby when the weather is
01:04 - very hot from the woman's eh-2-zed
01:06 - factsheet heat wave precautions for
01:09 - babies and young children and the better
01:11 - health channel factsheet hot weather and
01:13 - child safety choosing unperformed and
01:17 - ph-neutral products is the best way to
01:20 - care for your baby's skin in their first
01:22 - year the brand isn't important just that
01:26 - the label says fragrance free or
01:28 - unperformed together with the words
01:30 - ph-neutral products labeled as natural
01:34 - organic or for babies don't always meet
01:37 - these criteria so make sure their
01:39 - fragrance free or unperformed and pH
01:42 - neutral if you're unsure ask your
01:45 - pharmacist which products fall into this
01:47 - category try to avoid putting any food
01:50 - or fruit based creams oils or lotions on
01:53 - baby's skin until they have eaten that
01:55 - food and show no allergy to it
01:58 - eczema a type of skin disorder has been
02:01 - increasing in Victoria and the use of
02:04 - products not really suitable for newborn
02:06 - babies when their immune system is still
02:08 - developing is thought to be one reason
02:10 - why you can help reduce this risk for
02:13 - your
02:13 - baby by following our advice regarding
02:15 - the use of only fragrance-free
02:17 - unperformed and pH neutral skin care
02:21 - products until your baby is at least a
02:23 - year old if you'd like more information
02:25 - you can download the baby skincare fact
02:29 - sheet from the woman's website and if
02:31 - you have any more questions please speak
02:34 - with your midwife GP or maternal child
02:36 - health nurse

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