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  1. Macular degeneration

    09 Mar 2018

    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a type of vision loss where there is a distortion or absence of the central field of vision...

  2. Mad cow disease, see

  3. mad cow disease blood donation, see

  4. Maintaining and tracking healthcare

    20 Nov 2015

    As you prepare to leave hospital, you or your carer will already be planning what you need to know about your care outside of hospital, including day-to-day living and support, your medication, your...

  5. Maintaining your quality of life during a life-limiting illness

    13 Feb 2018

    End of life and palliative care is based on person-centred and holistic care. Talk with your family, close friends, doctor and your palliative care team about what they can do to help you to make the...

  6. Major trauma discharge from hospital

    03 Jul 2017

    Discharge from hospital after a major trauma event can be confusing, find out more...

  7. Major trauma in Victoria

    14 Jan 2019 Major trauma in Victoria

    The Victorian State Trauma System provides urgent and coordinated care to people experiencing a major trauma event...

  8. Major trauma services, see

  9. Making a complaint about a mental health service

    19 Jan 2020

    If you are dissatisfied with a mental health treatment or service, you have the right to make a complaint and have your concerns addressed...

  10. Making a complaint about disability services

    30 Jun 2020

    If you are unhappy with the way a disability service has treated you, you have the right to complain and to have your concerns addressed...