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  1. About emergency, crisis and support services in Victoria [video]

    Victoria’s emergency, crisis and support services respond to a broad range of serious situations, such as medical emergencies, family crisis or environmental disasters...

    Duration: 3:32

    • Emergency, crisis and support services,
    • Health services and support
  2. About hospitals, surgery and procedures in Victoria [video]

    Victoria has a diverse range of public and private hospitals in both metropolitan and regional centres...

    Duration: 4:03

    • Hospitals, surgery and procedures,
    • Health services and support,
    • Pain and the health system
  3. About mental health services in Victoria [video]

    Victorian mental health services provide expert advice and support for people of all ages...

    Duration: 4:51

    • Mental health services,
    • Health services and support
  4. About palliative care services in Victoria [video]

    Palliative care services aim to improve the quality of life for people living with serious, ongoing or potentially terminal illnesses...

    • Health services and support
  5. About palliative care – Moira and George [video]

    About palliative care – Moira and George

    Moira and George talk about the difference palliative care has made to their quality of life...

    Duration: 4:00

  6. About pregnancy and birth services in Victoria [video]

    Victoria’s pregnancy, birth and maternal services, help from planning a pregnancy through to giving birth and caring for a newborn...

    Duration: 5:31

    • Pregnancy and birth services,
    • Health services and support
  7. Abrams pleural biopsy

    06 Apr 2016

    What is a pleural biopsy? A pleural biopsy involves removing small pieces of tissue from the two-layered membrane (pleura) that lines the outside of your lung and the inside of your ribcage. Your...

  8. Abscess incision and drainage

    25 Jul 2017

    What is an abscess? An abscess is a collection of pus surrounded by a wall of tissue. An abscess happens when your body tries to control infection. It causes a painful lump and can make you feel...

  9. Accessing a palliative care service

    28 Feb 2017

    Find out how you can access palliative care for medical treatment, emotional support and practical help to maintain your quality of life for as long as your condition allows...

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