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  1. Immunisation-Video-DrMargie [video]

  2. Immunisations - vaccinations in Victoria, Australia (video) [video]

    Immunisations - vaccinations in Victoria, Australia (video)

    Vaccinations are encouraged for all individuals living in the state of Victoria, Australia. The immunisation program in Victoria may be different than other countries, and individuals who have moved...

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  3. Immunisations for older people

    06 Jul 2020

    Immunisations are important for you as you get older, because your immune system can become less effective at protecting you from some diseases...

  4. Immunisations for work

    19 Nov 2018

    Some jobs have a higher risk of exposure to infectious diseases, so if your job is one of these, it’s a good idea to check your immunisation status...

  5. Immunisations – catch-ups and boosters

    If you've recently arrived in Australia or missed out on an immunisation for any reason, you may need catch-up doses...

  6. Impetigo - school sores

    09 Mar 2018

    Impetigo, or school sores, is a highly contagious skin infection that commonly affects school-aged children...

  7. Implantable cardiac devices

    08 Oct 2020

    A person with an artificial cardiac pacemaker can live a normal life and can still perform moderate to strenuous activities...

  8. Incontinence - prevention tips

    03 Aug 2018

    Incontinence can be prevented in most cases...

  9. Incontinence - tips for carers

    01 Aug 2018

    A person's incontinence can be a challenging problem for their carer, but help is available from a range of sources, so don't think you must cope alone...