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  1. Kabuki syndrome

    Kabuki syndrome affects males and females equally and there is no cure.

  2. Kambo

    The supply and use of Kambo was banned in Australia on 1 October 2021.

  3. Kennedy's disease

    Kennedy's disease is a rare inherited neuromuscular disorder that causes progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles, particularly the arms and legs.

  4. Kidney cancer

    Most kidney cancers are found when the doctor is checking for something else.

  5. Kidney disease

    Exercise, a balanced diet and not smoking will help to keep your kidneys working well.

  6. Kidney donation

    Kidneys are often donated after death but more people are choosing to donate one of their kidneys while still alive (living kidney donation).

  7. Kidney failure

    You can lose up to 90 per cent of kidney function before you even feel sick.

  8. Kidney stones

    For most types of kidney stones, the best ways to prevent stone growth or recurrence are to drink enough fluids, avoid urinary infections and treat with medications.

  9. Kidneys

    Well-functioning kidneys are essential to a healthy life.

  10. Kidneys - age-related problems

    Early detection of kidney disease and good management can increase the life of your kidneys.