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    Immunity for Community - Dr Margie Danchin

    Immunising yourself or your children is important for not only your health, but also for the health of your community because when enough people are immunised diseases no longer spread.

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    Smoke from planned burns explained

    Planned burns are an important part of reducing the risk of bushfires. However, the smoke from planned burns can also affect your health in the same way as the smoke from unplanned bushfires.

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    Flu immunisation

    Get the flu shot before the flu gets you. Winter is approaching and along with it comes the dreaded flu season. Protect yourself and those around you by getting your flu vaccination.

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  • Child BMI

    Body mass index calculator for children and teenagers

    A body mass index (BMI) calculator measures body fat and is only an approximate measure of the best weight for a child's health.

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    Hepatitis B infection

    Worried about Hepatitis B infection? Read our Hepatitis B fact sheet for more information.

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    Blue-green algae and health

    Blue-green algae is not always visible, and does not always colour the water blue or green. People and pets should not enter the water at locations affected by blue-green algae, and should not use the water for cooking, drinking, washing, washing clothes, showering, or watering fruit, vegetables and herbs in the garden. (Photographer : Gregory Heath)

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  • Hepatitis C Cure - what it means for Victorians

    Hepatitis C Cure - what it means for Victorians

    All Victorians living with hepatitis C now have access to fast, effective treatment that will cure Hepatitis C.

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  • Vegetables roasted with pesto

    Vegetables roasted with pesto

    This Vegetables roasted with pesto recipe is a delicious accompaniment with any roast or just as delicious on its’ own. High in fibre and folate it’s sure to be a winner.

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  • Chocolate


    It’s that time of year where many of us may over-indulge in chocolate of all shapes and sizes. Chocolate may contain small amounts of nutrients such as protein and calcium; it is also high in fat and added sugar. So enjoy some treats but try to balance it with some healthy foods and exercise.

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  • Travel and holidays

    Travel health tips

    Heading off on a trip is exciting, whether it’s overseas, interstate or a road trip. It’s best to be prepared in line with where you are travelling – check if you need any vaccinations and be prepared and aware of health issues when travelling.

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  • Exercise intensity

    Exercise intensity

    Exercise intensity refers to how hard your body is working during physical activity. Your heart rate, breathing, temperature and perspiration all measure your level of exercise intensity. For maximum health benefits, the goal is to work hard, but not too hard.

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  • Premier's Active April

    Premier's Active April

    Premier’s Active April encourages all Victorians to do 30 minutes of activity a day during April with the aim of incorporating physical activity into their ongoing daily routine. A record 103,020 Victorians registered in 2015. Registrations for 2016 Premier’s Active April are now open. For ways to get active check out our information on Keeping active.

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