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Getting checked that is.

Sex is a normal part of life. Talking openly about your sexual health should be too.

There’s a lot more to sexual health than just sex! It’s about whether you feel safe and comfortable too. Communication is key before, during and after sex.

Talk openly with your partner(s) about sexual health, pleasure, consent and protection. Talk to your doctor, nurse or health worker about your sexuality and relationships, the best protection options for you and sexually transmissible infections (STI) testing (and treatment if necessary).

If you’re sexually active, get a sexual health check at least once a year. When was your last sexual health check?

Safer sex. Get checked. Treatment.

Don’t feel embarrassed talking about sex. Share the pleasure - look after yourself, your partner(s) and your family and have a sexual health check up annually.

Sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and testing for STIs (video)

STIs don't discriminate - anyone can get an STI without even knowing it. 

Information in community languages

Sexual Health Month 2023 - Digital resources

Sexual Health Month 2023 - Print resources

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