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  1. Biopsy

    09 Mar 2018

    Before a biopsy, you need to discuss a range of issues with your doctor or surgeon...

  2. Prostate Cancer - Diagnosis (video) [video]

    25 Jun 2018 Prostate Cancer - Diagnosis (video)

    In this video clip, participants discuss the events that led to them being tested for prostate cancer, whether that was regular PSA testing or in response to a GP recommendation...

    Duration: 4:53

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  3. Oncologist

    05 Jul 2016

    An oncologist treats people with cancer...

  4. Kidney disease

    09 May 2018 Kidney disease

    Exercise, a balanced diet and not smoking will help to keep your kidneys working well...

  5. Gastritis

    12 Dec 2018

    Gastritis may be caused by many factors including infection, alcohol, particular medications and some allergic and immune conditions...

  6. Respiratory physician

    13 Feb 2019

    A respiratory physician (respiratory and sleep medicine specialist) specialises in diagnosing, treating and preventing conditions and diseases affecting the respiratory system...

  7. Eyes - giant cell arteritis

    09 Mar 2018

    Giant cell arteritis is inflammation of the arteries that can cause sudden blindness in one or both eyes...

  8. Brain tumours - gliomas

    09 Mar 2018

    Gliomas are brain tumours associated with the three types of glial cell in the brain...

  9. Cervical cancer

    18 Jul 2019

    All women aged between 25 and 74 are advised to have Cervical Screening Tests every 5 years, new tests help identify HPV or cervical cancer...

  10. Prostate cancer testing

    21 Jul 2019

    Men with a family history of prostate cancer, or men who have had a raised test result in the past, will benefit most from regular testing...