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  1. Physical activity - it's important

    Just 30 minutes of moderate activity each day can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing certain conditions or diseases.

  2. Physical activity for seniors

    Physical activity can help older people maintain independence, recover from illness and reduce their risk of disease.

  3. Physical activity for men

    Many men are only motivated to become more active after they have a health scare.

  4. Physical activity - overcoming excuses

    There are many excuses we can come up with to avoid being active, but the truth is there is always a way to fit some physical activity into your day.

  5. Physical activity - staying motivated

    Pick an exercise or fitness activity that appeals to you and suits your lifestyle.

  6. Physical activity – setting yourself goals

    When you're trying to become more physically active, set realistic health and fitness goals.

  7. Physical activity for women

    If you can't make the time to exercise for yourself, do it for your family.

  8. Physical activity - choosing a provider

    Choosing the right fitness centre or service provider requires some research

  9. Physical activity - learn how to swim (video)

    Swimming is a great low-impact exercise for all ages and abilities. Australian marathon swimmer, Tammy Van Wisse shows ex-AFL (Australian Football League) player and coach, Tony Shaw some swimming basics to gain confidence in the water.

  10. Physical activity - overcoming barriers (video)

    Former world aerobics champion, Sue Stanley shows us how to overcome common exercise excuses.

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