Reporter Flip Shelton takes us on a tour and shows us what fresh produce is available at a local market. Find out how to select foods from market stall experts and plan a weekly menu.
STALL ATTENDANT 1: Lamb chops, Mitchell. Got to go, anything you like. Got to go.

STALL ATTENDANT 2: Five dollars, five dollars.

STALL ATTENDANT 3: Here we've got some for $3.50. We've got daisies.

STALL ATTENDANT 4: For a dollar off the trolley.

FLIP: Markets. I love them. Why would you want to go to a solo supermarket and stand in a long queue when you can come to a place like this, receive expert advice and service like this?

JOHN NARDUZZO (stallholder): Hi, how's it going?

FLIP: Bongiorno, bongiorno.

JOHN: Come stai, today?

FLIP: Molto bene.

JOHN: Okay, let's go.

JOHN: They're not hydroponic, you know, okay. Open up. Open sesame. Here we go, beautiful.

FLIP: This is what food shopping is all about.

JOHN: My backyard lemons, no charge. You can have it as a present.

FLIP: Here at the famous Prahran Market, Pino's is legendary for luscious fruit and vegetables and making everyone feel bellissimo.

JOHN: That's my service. That's what I love doing. That's what I'm here for. I love serving face-to-face and people to people.

FLIP: The founder is John's dad.

PINO: It's all my family.

FLIP: 75 year-old Pino Narduzzo with wife Maria, they've been in business here for nearly 50 years.

MARIA: Very good. We have fun.

FLIP: You make friends with your customers?

MARIA: They're wonderful. We like a - - we treat them like a family.

FLIP: You do.

PINO: Our customers, they're all like brothers and sisters.

FLIP: And, are you going to be here forever?

MARIA: Oh, I don't know, God, he knows, God, he knows.

FLIP: There's plenty of other characters you must meet.

DAMIAN PIKE (Mushroom master): Everybody gets excited about mushrooms, but, I'm the one who creates the excitement.

FLIP: Damian is excited but Michael Mow is passionate about the humble potato.

MICHAEL: Clean skins, no peeling.

FLIP: He sells over 40 varieties, and once the spud expert get started, he's hard to stop.

MICHAEL: Purple mash, white mash, yellow mash.

FLIP: Of course, with all this choice, get yourself organised at home and work out your meals for the week, before you hit the market.

List, it's all about the list. It's like your Melways to the market. It will give you a really clear direction. It helps you stick to budget. You won't bring stuff home you've already got in the fridge, and it will stop you dithering around. It's perfect.

Now, here's something else a bit special at Prahran Market. On Tuesday mornings, a wonderful family of farm animals takes up residence, and my nephew Nikko loves it. And what kind of sound does a lamb make?


FLIP: [Laughs] Baa. For a small entry fee, you can make friends with everybody from Banjo the calf, to Pepper, the border collie. For inner-city kids who don't get out to farms very often this menagerie is a real treat. It's all about enjoying yourself.

What about popping into Theo and Sons Seafood and have a crayfish cooked while you wait? Or try one of my favourites, beautiful fresh oysters.

Today, I'm going to learn how to shuck. Terry, I'm here for my shucking lesson. And you the master shucker?

TERRY: I am the shucker. Come on through.

FLIP: Firstly, the protective glove goes on.

TERRY: Mind the grease.

FLIP: This is tricky. Trying to get the right amount of finesse and brute force to get these slippery little suckers out.

TERRY: Yes, that's it. Ninety degree.

FLIP: Yeah.

TERRY: You've done that?

FLIP: Yeah.

TERRY: Okay now, cut.

FLIP: Oh [Laughter].

TERRY: That's all right.

FLIP: There is no doubt about it, I am a shocking shucker. [Laughter]. Look at that, my first shucked oyster. I'm so proud of myself. I'm going to eat it.

TERRY : Oh, beautiful.

FLIP: Mmm, mmm. Not bad. I'll have another dozen. [Laughter]

TERRY: Oh no.

FLIP: Oh, garlic. Load me up.

STALL ATTENDANT 5: And basically we've got some new flavours, we've got the basil, we've got the - -

FLIP: There's so much to explore. Allow some extra time to slow down and smell and taste everything.

JOHN: Here we go, a dollar, strawberries a dollar. Here we go, a dollar.

FLIP: Dollar strawberries, dollar strawberries.

JOHN: Louder, come on.

FLIP: Of course, the very last word always belongs to my friends at Pino's.

JOHN: Don't worry about it Flip. Thank you very much. Don't call me, I'll call you. Okay.

FLIP: [Laughs]

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