Want to exercise, but find gyms boring or expensive? Sue Stanley and Shane Bilsborough team up to show you how to exercise indoors and outdoors using your local surroundings - whether it's running up and down stairs at a park, or busting out some 80s dance moves while vacuuming at home, these are some great ideas to keep you active in and around your local landscape.
Shane: Exercising doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. We call it using your local landscape and former world aerobics champion Sue Stanley is going to show me just what she gets up to in her own back yard.

Sue: Best exercise is walking, just getting outside and enjoying the environment you’re in.

Shane: Sue’s recommendation is to make sure you mix it up when you’re walking. Go easy at first then speed it up and increase the heart rate – 30 second to 1 minute intervals. Also, build up the distance slowly.

Sue: In the middle of your walk, stopping here, do some great lunges. Great for the butt, adds a bit of variety to your workout.

Shane: In the middle of Sue’s competitive prime, she was a gym junkie. This was her exhausting regime every week: 22 aerobics classes, 15 circuit classes, 50km running, 100km bike riding and don’t forget the 3km swimming.

Sue: When people say to me they want to get fit, and then they say ‘Oh I’ve got to go join a gym’ - the first question I ask them is ‘Do you like going to a gym?’ and they say ‘Well no I hate it’ and I say to them ‘Well, why join a gym?’

You can use your local park, you can go play netball, you can take your girlfriend for a walk or the dog. Or what about playing footy with your kids or your grandkids in the park? It all adds up as exercise and it’s free!

Now I’ve been nice to you today.

Shane: Oh have you?

Sue: Yep. Now are you up for a challenge?

Shane: Yes. Okay the old natural stair master.

Sue: No better way to get fit.

Shane: Great for the bottom and thighs, and if you have a training buddy, you can really push each other along - especially this training buddy. Oh look Stanely, yes!

Sue: *laughs*

Shane: And then, just before we leave the park, Sue introduces me to The Duck - yep, The Duck. *Quack*

Sue: What better way to exercise than with friends. Let’s go.

Shane: How many more Stanley?

Sue: Come on, you wuzzer. Come on.

Shane: Okay that’s great. That’s it for me. That’s enough - I feel happy with my exercise.

Sue: Well done, congratulations. Good work.

Shane: Now here’s a few Stanley style tips. When you’re doing the dusting, put on your favourite song, bust out a few funky dance steps but remember…

Sue: Shut the curtains - you might have the neighbours looking in and you might feel a bit weird.

Shane: Maybe one too many aerobics classes. And then there’s the vacuuming. Sure it’s tedious, but it’s got to be done, so put some intensity into it.

Sue: *Sings* Shake that booty, shake that booty!

Shane: Well not everyone is going to be able to do this, but if you can...you up for it Suze?

Sue: I am if you are!

Shane: Alright, let’s go - come on.

Sue: So you think you’re good, come on, break out into the one arm - come on Shane.

Shane: *Laughs* Now if you can’t get down on the floor, do your pushups perpendicular. Yup, up against the wall - it's all resistance. As for a few arm curls, you might think it looks a bit silly but it’s getting the job done.

Sue: This is something for you to do. If you do too many of these ones, you’ll think of me tomorrow.

Shane: It’s not a race Suze.

Sue: Try and keep up with the champ mate.

Shane: I can, but my bum can’t!

Sue: Shake your body, come on. Woo hoo! Come on Shane, shake it - move your body. No no, move it - come on! Shake it baby, shake it, shake it, shake it

Shane: Awww this is a setup Stanley - an absolute setup.

Shane: Now that’s just your local landscape. There’s a wide variety of free activities available courtesy of the State Government.

Shane: The woman is a maniac! Do not try this at your local park. Get off!

Sue and Shane: *Laughs*

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