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  1. Vitamin and mineral supplements

    11 Jan 2021

    Taking vitamin supplements is no substitute for a healthy diet...

  2. Vitamin B

    10 Sep 2020

    The eight B-group vitamins are essential for various functions within the body...

  3. Vitamin D

    01 Jun 2020

    A balanced approach to sunlight exposure will help you get enough vitamin D while protecting against skin cancer...

  4. Vitamin D - maintaining levels in winter (video) [video]

    13 Oct 2015 Vitamin D - maintaining levels in winter (video)

    Vitamin D is important for healthy bones, muscles and the nervous system...

    Duration: 1:43

    • Healthy Eating - Vitamins and suplements,
    • Bones muscles and joints,
    • Bones muscles and joints - Healthy bones, muscles and joints
  5. Vitamin K and newborn babies

    21 Mar 2019

    With low levels of vitamin K, some babies can have severe bleeding into the brain, causing significant brain damage...

  6. Vitamins - common misconceptions

    09 Jul 2020

    There is no evidence that any one vitamin can slow ageing, restore sex drive or cure infertility...

  7. Vitamins and minerals

    11 Jan 2021

    Vitamins and minerals are organic compounds that are required in very small amounts, for a variety of metabolic processes...

  8. Voluntary assisted dying

    03 Oct 2019

    Victoria is the first state in Australia to pass voluntary assisted dying laws. The Voluntary Assisted Dying Act (2017) provides a safe legal framework for people who are suffering and dying to choose...

  9. Volunteer and boost your health

    04 Apr 2019 Volunteer and boost your health

    Volunteering is great for our health – it makes us feel good, while helping others in the process...

  10. Von Willebrand disease

    12 Nov 2019

    A person with von Willebrand disease may have frequent nosebleeds, heavy menstruation or excessive bleeding from the mouth...