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  1. Lead exposure and your health

    19 Nov 2018

    Long-term exposure to low levels of lead may produce symptoms including irritability, lack of energy and loss of appetite...

  2. Leanne & Thomas' story - National Disability Insurance Scheme - NDIS (video) [video]

    Leanne tells about how she and her son Thomas have benefited from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)...

    Duration: 2:13

    • Disability,
    • NDIS - National Disability Issurance Scheme
  3. Leeks

    22 Oct 2015 Leeks

    The long, white-stemmed leek can be eaten raw, sliced in salads, sautéed or added to soups and pies. Leeks are a good source of vitamins A, C and K, and contain lots of dietary fibre. In Victoria...

  4. Left-handedness

    22 Jul 2020

    If your child is naturally left-handed, don't try to force them to use their right hand...

  5. Leg ulcers

    09 Mar 2018

    Age, varicose veins, smoking and arterial disease increase the risk of leg ulcers...

  6. Legionnaires' disease

    05 Nov 2018

    Legionnaires' disease is a rare form of pneumonia...

  7. Lemon

    22 Oct 2015 Lemon

    Lemons can be squeezed over a piece of grilled fish and their grated zest adds an aromatic perfume to recipes. A slice of lemon in tea adds another dimension to the drink. Lemons are a good source of...

  8. Lemongrass

    01 Nov 2019 Lemongrass

    Lemongrass adds a citrus flavour to soups and curries and can be used in meat, chicken and seafood dishes. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and folate and minerals such as manganese, iron and...

  9. Leprosy (Hansen’s disease)

    13 Mar 2019

    Once a person with leprosy begins treatment they quickly become non-infectious...

  10. Leptospirosis

    26 Nov 2018

    Leptospirosis is a disease spread from animals to humans, caused by infection with the bacteria Leptospira...