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  1. Wounds - how to care for them

    Chronic wounds are more likely to heal if they are treated with moist rather than dry dressings.

  2. Wrinkles

    Sun exposure, smoking and ageing are the main causes of wrinkles.

  3. X-ray examinations

    An x-ray examination uses a special machine to take two-dimensional pictures of internal body structures to help diagnose conditions or injuries.

  4. Year 12 exams - managing stress

    Help your child manage stress during exams by getting them to use good study habits, eat well, exercise, relax, sleep and keep things in perspective.

  5. Young Carers

    Young Carers provides support, counselling and advice for children and young people who care for a family member with an illness, a disability, a mental health issue or an alcohol or other drug problem.

  6. Young carers

    Even though you are caring for someone else, it is important that you remember to take care of yourself.

  7. Young children and communication

    Children thrive with words of encouragement and praise.

  8. Young people (13-19)

    Information about young people, including fact sheets on health, development, puberty, identity, risk taking, school, sex and sexuality and health conditions.

  9. Young people and health services

    There are many subsidised and free medical, dental, mental, community health services available to support young people in Victoria.

  10. Your rights at the end of life

    It is important for the family members of someone who is facing the end of their life to respect their wishes and follow through with the requests of their loved one as much as is practical and possible