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The Post Acute Care (PAC) Program provides short-term services and support forthose who need extra help at home after a public hospital stay. The services andsupport offered are designed for individual needs. This program aims to help people recover and return to a normal lifestyle as soon aspossible, and to avoid any unplanned return to hospital. Referral to the program isarranged by your hospital when you are being discharged.

Services provided

  • Community nursing
  • Personal care
  • Home care


The PAC Program supports: people being discharged from a public hospital, including Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Transport Accident Commission clients; people who have been treated at a public hospital emergency department.

How to access

Referrals are made by hospital staff to the PAC service associated with their hospital or directly to the PAC service in the area where you live.


No fees are charged for the service, although there may be a charge for extras such as wound dressings.



Conventional healthcare.