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Clinical residential rehabilitation services (community care units) provide medium- to long-term accommodation, clinical care and rehabilitation services for people with a serious mental illness and psychosocial disability. Located in residential areas, they provide a homelike environment where people can learn or re-learn everyday skills necessary for successful community living.

Services provided

  • Medium- to long-term clinical and rehabilitation support
  • Access to 24-hour multidisciplinary clinical support and treatment
  • Individualised assessment and care planning
  • Psycho-education and support to carers
  • Monitoring, engagement and support of people receiving involuntary treatment under the Mental Health Act 2014


People with a severe mental illness or disorder who require 24-hour clinical support in a community environment.

How to access

For information and advice speak to your doctor.

Contact your nearest approved mental health serviceExternal Link . An approved mental health service is a premises or service where a person may be involuntarily treated as an inpatient for their mental illness.


Clinical residential rehabilitation services may be partly or fully covered by Medicare.

Contact the service before you attend if you would like more information about cost.

Calls to an approved mental health service are charged at the cost of a local call from anywhere in Victoria.


  • Provide as much information as you can when speaking to the approved mental health service triage.