The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) helps cover the cost of a wide range of prescription medicines, making them more affordable.

Services provided

  • Timely, reliable and affordable access to necessary medicines.
  • Subsidised costs of medicine for most medical conditions. 


The PBS is available to all Australian citizens with a Medicare card. The PBS is also offered at a reduced price for these card holders: Pensioner Concession Card; Commonwealth Seniors Health Card; Health Care Card; Department of Veterans' Affairs White, Gold, or Orange Card.

Under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) scheme, the PBS is also available to people from: United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Malta, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Slovenia.

You can prove your eligibility for the PBS by showing your passport when filling a prescription at the chemist, or by applying for a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement Card by contacting the Commonwealth Government Department of Human Services.

How to access

To receive the PBS rebate you must show your Medicare card every time you fill a prescription at the chemist.

You can claim the PBS on Medicare if you have an official Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme receipt from the chemist.

Visit the PBS website.

Call 1800 888 333

The National Relay Service (NRS) is available to help callers with a hearing or speech impairment. For:
  • TTY users, call 1800 555 677, then ask for 1800 888 333
  • Speak and Listen users, call 1800 555 727 then ask for 1800 888 333
  • Internet relay users, connect to the National Relay Service, then ask for 1800 888 333.


The cost of prescription medication covered by the PBS varies for Medicare and concession card holders and is adjusted annually on 1 January.

The Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS) provides access to PBS and other agreed medications to veterans and eligible dependants at a concessional rate. Contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to learn more. Call 1800 552 580.

Once families or individuals meet a certain cost threshold during a calendar year (the Safety Net Threshold) they will receive medication at no charge for the rest of the calendar year. See the current Safety Net Thresholds for families, individuals and concession card holders on the PBS website.