Bush Support Services (as part of CRANAplus) provides mental health services for remote health workers and their families. The Bush Support Line is a free, confidential, Australia-wide telephone counselling and support service, staffed by nine registered psychologists.

Services provided

  • Telephone helpline
  • Self-care workshops
  • Online conflict management course
  • Online mental health and wellbeing resources
  • Competitions and projects


Available to remote health workers and their families anywhere in Australia

How to access

Call 1800 805 391

Email or Skype scp@crana.org.au

Visit the website


24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • Calls to the 1800 number are free 
  • Calls from mobile phones may be charged at a higher rate
  • Calls from mobile phones to the Bush Support Line can be returned at the caller’s request.