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  1. Talking to young people with cognitive disabilities about sex

    Young people with cognitive disabilities have the same range of sexual feelings and desires as young people without disabilities.

  2. Talking with your doctor

    To get the most out of the conversation with your doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider, it is best to be open about providing information and to speak up if you don?t understand.

  3. Talking with your doctor about sensitive issues

    Building a strong, trusting relationship with your doctor can make it easier to talk with them about sensitive issues.

  4. Tantrums

    When a young child is having a tantrum, it is because the emotional (limbic system) part of the brain is dominating the child's behaviour.

  5. Tapeworms and hydatid disease

    It's important for your own health to control tapeworm infection in your dog.

  6. Tattoos

    If you want to get a tattoo, choose an experienced, registered practitioner to reduce the risks of infection and scarring.

  7. Tay-Sachs disease

    Tay-Sachs disease is a serious genetic disorder common in Ashkenazi Jews and French-Canadians.

  8. Teenage health

    Young people have to work through a broad range of issues as they move from childhood to adulthood.

  9. Teenage pregnancy

    A young woman who is faced with an unintended or unplanned pregnancy and who is not sure of what to do, can access support to help her make a free and fully informed decision.

  10. Teenagers and communication

    Accept that your adolescent may have a different view of the world and respect their opinions.