Travel checklists – when you get back

  • Signs and symptoms to watch for

    As you prepare to return home, act immediately if you or anyone in your care shows the following symptoms:

    • fever (temperature over 39°C)
    • unexplained skin rashes or lesions
    • persistent vomiting or diarrhoea
    • unusual bleeding from your eyes, ears, nose, mouth or anus
    • swollen glands in the armpits or neck
    • prolonged loss of consciousness (not caused by alcohol, drugs or medications)
    • persistent coughing or difficulty breathing.

    If you haven't left yet, delay travelling and seek medical help.

    If you are on your way home, whether you are on a plane, train or boat, let the crew know so they can get help for you and protect your fellow passengers. 

    If you are unwell and arrive at an international port of entry, make sure you say so on your Incoming Passenger Card and identify yourself to an immigration official. They will make sure you are appropriately assessed and will also provide advice on follow-up care as needed. 

    If you are already home, see a doctor!

  • When you get home

    Once you're home, make sure to:

    • Keep an eye on your health. Infectious diseases have varying incubation periods (the time lag between exposure to the infection and when you feel sick).
    • If you're unwell, stay away from others and seek medical attention. Diseases like measles are highly infectious and can spread rapidly.
    • If you have a chronic condition, book a check-up with your GP (doctor).
    • Check you have enough medications and replenish if needed.
  • Who to contact

    Trust your instincts. If you notice any unusual symptoms (including those on the list above):

    • see your doctor
    • call NURSE-ON-CALL Tel. 1300 60 60 24
    • call 000 for emergencies.

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