People who have had a stroke talk about the events and emotions surrounding their stroke.


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Noelene: I think my immediate reaction was, it's not happening to me.

Leonie: I was awake but definitely not aware of what had really happened to me.

Helen: When the neurologist told me that we've done the cat scan you've had a cerebral haemorrhage which has caused the stroke. I don't think it had much impact on me at all apart from the thought that I haven't got time to be in this hospital, I've got too many things in my life to be doing.

Jack: Didn't believe it was a big deal. I'll be better in a couple of weeks, in a few weeks I'll be right. A few weeks didn't come.

George: I had no idea what a stroke was, I had no idea of the results that came from a stroke.

Helen: I had the misconception that it was something that happened to old people. And I certainly didn't think that people of my age... or younger people... Where as now I know that a stroke can happen to any age... Even children, babies, can have strokes.

Jack: I'd heard about strokes before, but I didn't realise what they were. When I had mine I certainly learned real quick.

Leonie: It took me three months to actually be discharged from acute and rehabilitation centre, so that's about three months through the whole catastrophe.

Noelene: I went first of all to a public hospital where I was unconscious for eight weeks plus, then I went to a private hospital and I lapsed between consciousness and unconsciousness. The director of nursing saw that I needed rehabilitation and I went to a rehabilitation centre where I had to learn to speak, talk, walk and use my wheelchair.

Jack: Three weeks in intensive care, and then eight months at Royal Talbot for rehabilitation.

Robyn: She was in Royal Melbourne for six weeks. She was conscious, but she couldn't do anything at all, she couldn't speak, she couldn't eat at first, she couldn't do anything.

Helen: I was in an acute ward for a number of weeks, all totalling with the rehab I was in hospital for seven and a half months so my initial though I haven't got time to be here for a day, a week... I mean if somebody had have told me at that stage how long I was going to be there, I just don't think I would have coped with it, but I think one of the fortunate things - as I didn't know what stroke was - these sorts of things revealed themselves to me over a period of time.

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