People with depression talk about coming to terms with their condition and how to recognise the early signs.
Richard (works part-time with community organisations and is a political activist. He shares a house with a friend) - I certainly, as a child, was drawn to introspection. I valued my friends, but also spent a lot of time on my own, not sharing a whole lot of my thoughts.

Wendy (lives with her long-term partner) - As a young child, I had problems. Right through my childhood I had inexplicable stomach aches. My mother would constantly be taking me to the doctor with inexplicable stomach aches, and there would never be any explanation for them and the doctors could never find anything wrong. Looking back there are other things. I was a chronic nail-biter; I was a bed-wetter until quite a late stage. I also used to suck my fingers, which used to annoy various relatives.

Helen (married with 3 adult children) - I think I'd grown up and that was just the way I was. Feeling anxious as if I had a layer of skin too few, or just got upset really easily and tended to retreat into myself.

Scott and Carole - I was suffering from symptoms of OCD, both having phobias and going through rituals from the age of 5. I remember being dragged down to a GP at that stage, who really didn't have a clue about what was going on. Mum basically told me to stop it. Which, of course, wasn't possible.

Matt - I had a realisation that I was a sufferer of depression for some time, and that I have a family history of depression. Depression has been around me growing up. That's how I figured that it was just a normal part of life.

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