Detailing on bathing from the Royal Children's Hospital
00:00 - [Music]
00:05 - now for the best bit putting baby into
00:09 - the bath most babies love this bit of
00:12 - the bath because they're warm and
00:14 - because they love you holding them but
00:17 - they can wriggle and they're wet so that
00:20 - you've got a safe hold of them follow
00:22 - these tips with one arm hold and support
00:27 - baby's head neck and upper back with
00:31 - your fingers hold their arm with your
00:34 - free hand hold baby's legs together and
00:37 - lift them into the water if the baby is
00:39 - a little unhappy they usually settle
00:42 - down once in the water if your baby gets
00:45 - distressed at this point place your dry
00:47 - washcloth over baby before placing them
00:50 - into the water that way they won't get
00:52 - too cold you can also leave the
00:55 - washcloth over baby's body to help them
00:57 - settle you can use your washcloth or
01:00 - sponge to drip water over baby and to
01:02 - wash them down let your baby's feet
01:05 - touch the edge of the bath they seem to
01:08 - like that as you and your baby get used
01:11 - to bathing the time in the water can get
01:13 - longer just don't wait until the water
01:15 - gets cold a newborn baby's cord will dry
01:19 - up turn black and fall off naturally
01:22 - after a few days
01:23 - if baby's cord is still on use a cotton
01:27 - wool ball to wash around it like this or
01:30 - use the edge of your washcloth when the
01:33 - cord falls off you might notice some
01:35 - spots of blood just keep the area clean
01:38 - and dry and it will soon heal but if you
01:42 - do see a lot of redness around the cord
01:44 - stump ask your Midwife GP or maternal
01:48 - child health nurse for advice wet babies
01:51 - get cold quickly and that can upset them
01:54 - to minimize that you could leave the wet
01:57 - washcloth over baby as you take baby out
02:00 - of the bath it will still be warm from
02:02 - the bathwater remove it once baby is on
02:05 - the dry towel then wrap baby up in the
02:08 - towel as quickly as you can you can pat
02:11 - baby dry through the towel and settle
02:13 - with your voice and a cuddle to prevent
02:16 - the skin breaking down make sure you dry
02:18 - all baby's creases as you do this take a
02:22 - good look at baby's skin if your baby
02:25 - still has some vernix a white greasy
02:28 - substance present at birth leave it on
02:30 - it's a natural barrier to germs
02:33 - moisturizer skin and will eventually be
02:35 - absorbed
02:37- [Music]

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