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The Victorian Disabled Persons Parking Scheme provides parking permits for people with a disability. Permits are classified as Category One and Category Two, based on the requirements of the permit holder. Disability parking permits for organisations are also available.

Services provided

  • Category One permits – a medical practitioner must confirm the person’s requirement for parking in a disability parking bay
  • Category Two permits – a medical practitioner must confirm a person’s need for rest breaks when walking continuously
  • Temporary disability parking permits
  • Organisation disability parking permits


Residents can apply if they qualify as a Category One or Category Two or temporary disability applicant.
Eligible organisations transporting people with a disability can also make an application.

How to access

Application forms are available from your local council. Permits will only be issued to residents living in the council area.

Visit the Vicroads disability parking webpage.


Disabled parking permits are free to qualifying residents.


  • A disability parking permit does not entitle the permit holder to free parking unless stated on the parking sign.
  • A disability parking permit does not allow permit holders to park where there are red restrictive parking signs such as clearways, bus zones and ‘no parking’ areas.
  • Victorian disability parking permits are recognised in all Australian states and territories.


  • Each council will determine the process for reissuing lost, stolen or damaged permits.
  • Permits are valid until the date of expiry.
  • Councils may impose penalties for permit misuse.