Seasonal eating makes good sense – food is fresher, cheaper and easier to come by. Exploring recipes that increase veggie intake or trying new flavours can help you discover new tastes and improve your health at the same time.


Food and your life stages

Our nutritional needs change with different life stages. To be fit and healthy, it is important to take into account the extra demands placed on your body by these changes. Find out about your body's regular nutritional needs.

Food and your life stages
Friends preparing food together

Healthy recipes

Healthy recipes can be fast, tasty and deliver the vitamins and minerals you need to avoid chronic disease and maintain a healthy weight. Eat seasonally and explore our recipes for all dietary requirements.

Can you eat a rainbow

10 tips for health shopping

Healthy eating is easier if you plan what you buy. Select wholesome and nutritious foods and beware of packaging flaws or food that is not stored safely.

10 tips for healthy shopping