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What is the Victorian government baby bundle?

From July 2019, the Victorian government will offer first-time parents and carers a bundle of nursery essentials containing key parenting information and resources to support the health, development and wellbeing of their babies.

The project is part of the Victorian government's $214 million parenting package to support first-time parents and carers. It is one of the many ways the Victorian government is supporting parents during the transition to parenthood and the first years of their child’s life. 

Who can receive the baby bundle? 

All first-time Victorian families are eligible for a baby bundle, provided your first baby is born after 1 July 2019. First-time foster and adoptive parents/carers with babies up to three months of age are also eligible to receive a baby bundle.

A baby bundle is available for each baby: families with twins will be eligible for 2 baby bundles; triplets for 3 and so on.

Baby bundles will be provided in hospitals at the time of birth. First-time parents who give birth at home, interstate or overseas, but who live in Victoria, may ask their Maternal and Child Health nurse to provide them with one. 

You are not eligible for a Victorian Government baby bundle if:

  • Neither parent/carer lives in Victoria
  • Your child was born prior to 1 July 2019.

What’s in the baby bundle? 

The contents will include:

  • four picture books by Victorian authors
  • a nappy bag to hold the products
  • a growsuit
  • a safe sleeping bag, 
  • cotton wrap 
  • a teething toy 
  • a first-aid kit
  • a baby sun hat
  • emergency contacts and information on safe
  • sleeping and wrapping from the Royal Children’s Network.

What do you think of your baby bundle?

Feedback on the baby bundle and its contents is welcomed, and can be submitted using our feedback survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will parents receive the Victorian government’s baby bundle? 

First-time parents with babies born from July 2019, who live in Victoria, will be eligible to receive one of the Victorian Government’s baby bundles, provided to parents in hospitals at the time of birth. Adoptive and foster parents of babies up to the age of three months who live in Victoria can also receive one. First-time parents who give birth at home, interstate or overseas, but who live in Victoria, may ask their Maternal and Child Health nurse to provide them with one.

How were the items chosen?

A Ministerial Advisory Panel of experts in child health, wellbeing, learning, safety, development and literacy was established to provide expert advice on the contents of the bundle, develop specifications for items and the approach for book selection and approve the final selection of books for the baby bundle.  The contents of the bundle meet Australian Safety standards.

How were the books selected?

Members of the public were invited to nominate early childhood books for the baby bundle via the Engage Victoria website during March 2019, which were then reviewed by an independent panel of experts in early childhood literacy. A total of 332 unique titles were identified from the 1199 nominations received, and 118 of these were from Victorian authors.  

Who are the suppliers for the baby bundle?

Preference was given to sourcing items from Victorian brands; with all products owned and designed by Victorian companies, except for the first aid kit, which is designed and owned in NSW.  One of the products, the Bubba Organics cotton wrap, is manufactured in Victoria, while the other products are currently manufactured offshore. Multiple product manufacturers have indicated they can manufacture locally in the longer term.  

Is the baby bundle Information booklet available in other languages?

Click here to download a copy of the baby-bundle passport-booklet in one of the following languages:

Vietnamese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Persian, Kymer, Dari, Arabic, 

Where to get help

The following organisations provide useful information and resources that you may want to access:

If you have other questions or concerns about the baby bundle, you can email to: Please include your contact details (name, phone or email contact) so we can respond directly to you.

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