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  1. Ladder Safety – Paul’s story

    Paul was sanding the exterior of his house when he overreached and fell more than two metres from his ladder.

  2. Ladders Safety Matters - Paul (video)

    We can keep our pools safe, healthy, and most importantly fun.

  3. Laminectomy

    A laminectomy is a surgical incision into the vertebra to obtain access to the spinal cord.

  4. Laparoscopy

    The advantage of laparoscopy is that only a small incision is required, which is why it is also known as 'keyhole surgery'.

  5. Laparotomy

    A laparotomy is a surgical incision into the abdominal cavity used to examine the abdominal organs and aid diagnosis.

  6. Larynx

    Prolonged exposure to air pollutants, such as dust, can irritate the larynx and cause chronic laryngitis.

  7. Latex allergy

    The best way to manage latex allergy is to avoid exposure to latex products.

  8. Laughter clubs (video)

    Laughter has some great health benefits such boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress.

  9. Lawn bowls - health benefits

    Lawn bowls is a popular participant sport, particularly for the elderly, due to its relaxed pace and comparatively light physical demands.

  10. Lawn bowls - preventing injury

    People who take part in lawn bowls develop skills and coordination that improve their fitness.