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  1. Dementia - advice for families

    The most important way to help young people cope with dementia is to talk openly and be willing to listen.

  2. Dementia - Alzheimer's disease

    Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia in Australia, accounting for about two thirds of cases.

  3. Dementia - behaviour changes

    Providing a calm environment for the person with dementia can help to reduce the impact of changes to behaviour patterns.

  4. Dementia - carers and activities

    Participating in suitable activities can help a person with dementia to achieve purpose and pleasure.

  5. Dementia - communication

    Carers need to pay attention to how they present themselves to the person with dementia.

  6. Dementia - continence issues

    Incontinence may occur in people with dementia for many reasons.

  7. Dementia - coping with placement

    Helping the person with dementia adjust to residential care can be a new role for carers.

  8. Dementia - different types

    Dementia is more common in people over 65, but it is not a normal part of ageing.

  9. Dementia - driving and travelling

    Some people with dementia may not recognise their declining ability to drive.

  10. Dementia - early planning

    Planning ahead can make it easier for families and carers to manage the affairs of a person with dementia.