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  1. Radiologist

    A radiologist is a medical professional who specialises in using medical imaging technologies to diagnose and treat injury and disease.

  2. Raising Children Network

    Raising Children Network is an online parenting resource providing research-based information.

  3. ReachOut is an online mental health service for young people.

  4. Reflexologist

    A reflexologist massages or applies gentle pressure to particular parts of your feet to help with a health problem located somewhere elsewhere on your body.

  5. Relationships Australia

    Relationships Australia is a nationwide community-based organisation that provides relationship support services for individuals, families and communities.

  6. Respiratory physician

    A respiratory physician (respiratory and sleep medicine specialist) specialises in diagnosing, treating and preventing conditions and diseases affecting the respiratory system.

  7. Rheumatologist

    A rheumatologist is a medical professional who specialises in diagnosing, treating and managing diseases of the joints, muscles and bones.

  8. Road Trauma Support Services

    Road Trauma Support Services help people affected by transport accidents

  9. Royal Children's Hospital Safety Centre

    The Royal Children's Hospital Community Information team (formerly Safety Centre) provides information and support to the community to help reduce injury and promote child safety.

  10. Rural Financial Counselling Victoria

    Rural Financial Counselling Victoria provides confidential, independent financial assessment and support for farming families and small rural businesses facing financial difficulty.