Blog title: Our new blog. Just one of many new features

Well, this is new – a Better Health Channel blog. But you’ve probably noticed there are a whole lot of things on the Better Health Channel that are new or different. We’ve made changes to our design, our structure and our content so that you can find the trusted health and wellbeing information you want, whenever and wherever you need it.

In fact, our new site has been designed with mobile and tablet users in mind, so you’ll find the Better Health Channel now works just as well (and maybe even a little better) when you are not at your PC, no matter what device you are using. Have a look at our great new video to find out more about how we make finding reliable health information easy for everyone:

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We have also made navigating the site easier and clearer. If you’re looking for a particular topic, just use the search box at the top of each page. If you want to browse the site or find all the information on a particular topic, the navigation bar along the top of the page is your gateway to our Conditions and treatments, Healthy living, and Services and support collections. You can also find A-Z listings of our main collections and links to our most popular fact sheets here.

The footer at the bottom of the page can also help you explore and discover the site. It provides information about the site, links to some of our most popular content and topics, and ways you can connect with us on social media (including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) so you can follow us and keep up to date with all the latest Better Health Channel news, events, campaigns and alerts.

Based on your feedback, we have not only updated our existing content, we have also created a whole lot of useful new content. This includes:

  • more videos on health and wellbeing topics
  • a new Healthy Pantry feature, containing nutrition information, buying guides and cooking ideas for a range of fresh ingredients
  • new information about Services and support, designed to help you understand the Victorian health system and learn how to access the services and support you need, such as Hospitals, Mental health services, Aged care services and Emergency, crisis and support services
  • a comprehensive service search, where you can look for your closest provider of more than 250 health, wellbeing and support services (from Aboriginal health services to youth drop-in and support centres and everything in between)
  • a searchable database containing consumer information on all commonly prescribed medications 
  • a new pain section, with information on understanding, managing and treating pain and related conditions
  • profiles on hundreds of medical and health-related services and professions, including how services can be accessed, medicare and subsidies information, qualifications and an overview of services provided. 

But this is only just the beginning. Over the next months, you will see the Better Health Channel continue to change and grow as we deliver more new features, more new content and an even better user experience.

Here’s a quick look at just some of the great things that we have planned for the Better Health Channel over the next year:

  • Additional Services and support sections including: Disability services, Pregnancy, birth and maternal services, and Children, family and relationships services.
  • New Healthy living content designed to help you make simple healthy lifestyle changes and inspire you to take the first steps to achieving your health goals.
  • My Health Life – a new section where you can record, monitor and manage your health and wellbeing.
  • New content types and features, including blogs, video, infographics, personal stories and feature articles.

We’ve listened to what our users want from the Better Health Channel and made some big changes, so we’d love to hear from you and what you think of our new website and any suggestions that you may have for further improvement, features or content. Please also let us know if we've missed something along the way – if you can’t find what you’re looking for, spot an error, or find a link that doesn’t work.

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BHC Team

BHC Team

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