Light and bright table with flowers and glassware around fresh fruit platters

The tree is up and decorated. The fancy napkins are on the table and there’s a seat for everyone.

You make a final food and drinks check and congratulate yourself on a great effort.

Everything is ready to go. Or is it?

Two ways to offer great healthy food and drink with your holiday cheer

Offering drinks

As the guests arrive, you welcome them with a chilled glass of bubbles, a fancy cocktail or a boutique beer. This helps make them feel relaxed for a fun night ahead.

But what are you offering your non-drinking guests? Chilled sparkling or tap water? Water is important for rehydrating everybody and having plenty of chilled water on the table for your guests should be standard. But to make your non-drinking guests feel special, you can offer a refreshing non-alcohol drink.

We suggest a Cranberry and mint soda – red and green festive colours and deliciously refreshing, it looks the part in a tall glass.

Adding the good stuff

Christmas for you might mean turkey, ham and prawns. But it’s important to have your fruit and veggies too. So are there meat-free or vegan options on the table?

Try these healthy options:

Remember, don’t make your non-drinking, vegetarian guests feel like an afterthought.

Whatever way you celebrate the festive season, remember that offering healthy food and drink can really help you get through this busy time with your health intact.

A group of red apples

BHC Team

BHC Team

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