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What’s healthy about Halloween?

Well, there’s the pumpkin for a start. 

All that effort you put into scooping out the flesh of your Halloween pumpkin and carving a scary face is well worth it when you turn the discarded pumpkin flesh and seeds into a healthy Halloween dinner.

I’m talking about a bowl of delicious, golden pumpkin soup with a sprinkling of crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds before going out trick or treating so the kids eat less sugary treats! 

Then there’s the exercise and fresh air. All dressed up as witches and ghouls and full of golden goodness, the kids are eager to walk the neighbourhood, knocking on front doors trick or treating, rather than slouch on a couch glued to some electronic device.

Halloween is not just about dressing up in kooky costumes, scaring people and stockpiling sweets. With all that walking and talking and knocking on neighbour’s doors, you’re also connecting with your community - the new family across the road, the elderly lady who’s lived around the corner for ever, but you’ve never met, and the young renters with the barking dog over the back have names and the dog is really friendly and you’re welcome to take her for a walk any time. 

So, healthy Halloween everybody!

Three ways to make Halloween healthy:

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BHC Team

BHC Team

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