Various scattered scrabble letters with the word 'Friyay' spelled out in scrabble letters

Monday I’ve got Friday on my mind.

You step into a busy morning lift at work, do a quick people check in case the lift breaks down, and that’s when you notice the tell-tale signs. Dress code is down. Lift vibe is up. It’s Friday!

Friday is like no other day in the working week. Your colleagues greet you like you’re the prodigal son. Your jokes are funnier. The laughter is louder. You remind each other often, in the kitchen getting coffee, in the corridor just passing, even in the bathroom - TGIF!

Seems like anything goes on Fridays.

Lunch breaks creep over the allocated times without question. When you slink back to work late, carrying bunches of shopping bags bursting with new stuff in preparation for the weekend ahead, suddenly everyone’s gathered around you, dying to see the bargains you’ve bagged.

On Fridays it seems the boss is more generous when you ask to knock off early to meet up with friends to kick start the weekend.

And when you take that Friday feeling into your weekend, keep it going by doing those things you never get around to, like catching up with family or old friends, planting the tomato seedlings in the garden, or pumping up the flat tire and going for a bike ride.

If all the days of the week had an alias, perhaps Friday would be called Lenientday, when we feel more inclined to forgive and forget, and let ourselves enjoy the things we like doing.

And then it’s Monday again, but Friday’s on your mind.

Three ways you can bring that Friday feeling into your weekend:

  1. Practice self-care
  2. Start planning an edible garden
  3. Exercise with a friend
A group of red apples

BHC Team

BHC Team

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